5 Ways to Make Your All sarongs Look Trendy

Sarong has been the favorites amongst women for several reasons. The kanga are used as curtains, bed sheets, cushion covers, wall hangings, etc. but today we are going to look at how sarongs can make you look elegant and stylish when paired well.

  1. Skirt patternallsarongs

You could use it as beach skirt, long skirt, short skirt (by folding it). You could also tie it around your chest to look like a perfect beach gown or a dress. You could also make it like a toga dress.

  1. Scarf style

You can pair your sarong with any of your plain shirts or gowns. You could tie around your neck to give the tie kind of feel.  It is also used as Kiffiyeah; it helps to prevent any dust particles going over the face.


  1. Trendy bags

Tie the two knots of the sarong and put your stuff. Once done tie the other two sides of it with a knot. You have a trendy bag to carry for your beach.

  1. Dresses

The cocktail style of dress is where you tie the first two points of the sarong, and make one of your arm get inside the sarong. The third end of the sarong will go under the other arm and come towards your waistline. The fourth point acts like a belt. You just roll it over and tie it neatly with the end of the third corner. There are further more styles to suit you. Log on to https://www.allsarongs.com to know more on it.

  1. The swimsuit styling

You can make it wear like a Bandeau Cascade dress. It looks stylish over a swimsuit. All you do is tie the coherer of the sarong and wrap it to your body. The other two ends you tie in front under the bust line. The flow of the fabric gives an amazing look.

Sarongs are a lot of help for your travels too. Get hold of one and you can pair it up with tops, jackets, jeans, tunics etc.