How do you pick a ladies handbag

If you are a person who loves handbags, then you will be familiar with sites such as These sites like diophy have various kinds of handbags on display. Handbags not only are great to carry around the essentials needed but they also upgrade the look and the wardrobe of the individual.

Considerations –

However, some handbags are not very functional, even though they look very nice. Some handbags which are very functional sometimes look really ugly and that is why the woman on the street finds the need of buying different handbags almost every few months.

When you consider a handbag, what is needed is that you should first think about how you will use it. What will it be needed to carry, what outfits will you wear and pair it up with, how will it be worn – for example will it be cross bodied or will it need to have short handles .

Choosing bags as per body types –

The handbag should also be used such that your body type is flattered. Those women who are short and petite should use small handbags as that makes them seem taller. They also should use rectangular and long handbags. Tall women on the other hand should use large or oversized handbags or at the least mid-sized handbags. Slim and tall women look best with round handbags.

The ladies generally should wear handbags which hang till the mid torso as that is the ideal length to wear a handbag.

Another thing to remember in picking out handbags is that it should balance the figure of the person. If the person has a triangular body or a pear shaped body, they should use satchels which lie between the waist and the hips. However, if they have rectangular bodies, the shoulder bag or a hobo which lies at the waist gives the appearance of curves.