Michael Jackson King of Pop

http://richestcelebrities.wiki estimated Michael Jackson’s net worth to be $600 million. Infact, this entertainer, musician, singer, songwriter, choreographer, actor, record producer, businessman, film score composer and film producer earned several awards and accolades all through his career. He was even declared the Male Pop Artist of the Millennium, has Lifetime Grammy achievement awards, American Music Awards and more.

He is known in the richestcelebrities not only for his work and his contribution to the world of entertainment but also for so much more. His possessions were estimated to be about a billion dollars and he loved to live a luxurious lifestyle. He would squander his money on various things and it is said that he had outstanding taxes which were about 5 million dollars. It is said that he owed a library $1 million in book fines.


Michael Jackson had debts which went up to around 400 million dollars but some little known facts about the King of Pop that you would not associate with one of the richest celebrities of our time is that he alongwith Dennis Tompkins and Michael L Bush filed a patent for anti gravity shoes. These shoes had a groove which was in the heels which caught a bolt which was projected from the stage floor and this allowed the dancers like him to lean forward beyond their center of gravity.

Michael Jackson wanted to play Spider Man and so he wanted to buy Marvel comics. He also was a humanitarian and won several awards for his efforts. Infact, he is known to have donated more than $500 million to different foundations.

He is one of the celebrities who is the highest earning deceased ones who has earned more than $1 billion dollars post his death.                          

 He had so many fans that on the day he died, AOL instant messenger, Twitter and Wikipedia crashed.