Some creative ways to shoot videos

Do you remember any particular shots in movies or videos that stand out? Why do you think you remember them? It’s because of the creative ways they were shot. Some very simple creative ideas can give you amazing final results. Sometimes even a little shakiness gives a good effect to a video; gives it a natural feel. So, let’s have a look at some ways to get creative. Also check out


  • There are specific lenses which can add some spice to your scenes like macro, lensbaby, tilt-shift and fisheye. Pull up a sheer material or a stocking on your lens and apply some Vaseline on a UV filter. That would give a great lighting effect.
  • Experiment with your angles. You could try with your tripod at the smallest height or tallest. Try mounting your camera somewhere really high to give a high view. Shoot through objects for a different look.
  • There are some lens filters which give you different color effects. Try your hand at them and give your video an interesting result. But you need to be careful as you won’t be able to correct any effects in the post production stage.
  • The one place you can really get creative is with your focusing skills. There are numerous things you can do with it. Try using a split focus wherein one object is enlarged while another remains the same. Pull and rack are some very basic techniques with which you can experiment.
  • You could also adjust your shutter speed for a different look. Any scene that is fast moving or is of high intensity; it can use an increased speed of the shutter. That gives a more clear and yet jittery image. ON the contrary if you slow down the shutter speed you would get a more dreamy effect.

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