Test your vocabulary with these word games

Not good with words? Want to increase your vocabulary base with brand new words? Now you can increase your personal word stock while having fun with games. The project lexicon games are here to your rescue. With many different games, this one will be a complete package for your smart phone. It has many cool levels and an attractive design to keep you occupied for hours. You will never get tired of this game. Visit https://projectlexicon.net to start playing now.

So much fun

Word games are fun. In fact, they are more than fun. They are also educational and impart knowledge to us about the thousands of words in the English dictionary. For those with a good vocabulary, word games are a boon amongst the strange games that crowd the social apps nowadays. Take a look at some of the word games that are found in the project lexicon:

  • Scrabble: This is a classic jumbled word game in which you have to make a word with the highest score from amongst a set of letters.
  • Word feud: This is an online version of scrabble in which you can involve all your social media friends who love word games too.
  • Words with friends: This is similar to word feud and is also another popular version on the app.

These are some of the many word games available on the site. You can now get together in the virtual world to play a game of scrabbles just like in the old times. Isn’t that fun?

A matter of words

Words are serious business to some. To others, it is just a passion and something that they love to play around with in the form of poems and blogs. Increasing your word power is great for you and playing this game will definitely help your cause.