The accumulation of celebrity net worth – An insight

Most of the celebs find it way to harder the reach the approximately 20 million $ bar which has been accomplished by the likes of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.

Actors of the Dukes of Hazzard tend to earn not more than 3 million $ in a calendar year. Now they wish to make their presences felt in the world of celebrity net worth, they need to try their hands on other investments.

The need for other investments:

Hilary Duff can desire to have a gold rim Lamborghini car, a penthouse at the Shores, a fancy lifestyle and a most importantly, a constant public image. Her annual earnings may not be enough to fulfill these instantly, therefore the need to invest. Former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger who is known as the “Terminator”, has had recent earnings mostly through real estate. Real estate has started to become a major off-job investment for a celebrity.


celebrity net worth


Gwen Stefani is a popular public figure, known to by many. Her L.A.M.B clothing accessories has enabled her to accumulate wealth with recent off-job success stories as well.

Even the likes of Sylvester Stallone and John Cusack has their share of investments in a private fund known as the Lipper Convertibles, which became a success and enabled them to accumulate wealth in no time. It might have backfired later on, but the off-job side track definitely managed to increase his net worth.

Some strategies and measures to increase and maintain a star’s celebritynetworth

  • Stars may work and decide on impulsions. Such impulsions must be avoided. Smart decisions and smart managers help them a lot.
  • The focus must be on long term needs and wants, with multiple sources of incomes and a stringent budget.

A star, whatever wealth he accumulates must be prepared to face emergencies, scandals and outwit. Hence, living below means and strong financial advice are also measures. We all have our share of difficulties, so do the stars.