The histroy of nootropics

The hard working Chinese people may be knew well in advance that human mind will be exposed to an evil of stress for the Chinese spent much of their time earning for their own survival. This was the cause behind medical practitioners of China started looking for nootropic that could provide a well balanced dose for the brain, helping the Chinese workers to work for more hours.

Based upon the information collected from the Chinese physicians, a Romanian Doctor named CorneliuGiurge  started research and development work upon various types of brain stimulants like tea, coffee, Piracetum, Oxiracetum and Amiracetum that basically are the psychotropic compounds useful for strengthening the mind’s cognitive abilities. After studying the impact of various compounds over rats and then upon willing persons, the positive impact of Piracetum was considered of immense use. Therefore Piracetum was termed as the best nootropic that could assist the brain in its coordination and control processes.




These nootropic eliminatesany situation of stress, tension and depression and aim to strengthen the mind to fight any unforeseen task. The strict working schedule of employees gets relieved with the use of nootropic for the ease of thinking added to fast thinking processes bring out the best out of the person concerned.

Scientifically these are the neurotransmitters that carry information from the brain to other body parts and in the reverse direction too. Thus to help the neurons, Trunootropics is a specially treated nootropic compound that can have the same positive impact over the human brain imparting positive feelings all around the workplace. By simply looking at can help those who live with a tight schedule torturing their own minds with the pressure arising from the workplace, looking to help their own minds with ease of thinking processes.