The fame, popularity and of course money is what we can use to summarize the richest celebrity of the world. They have built their own empire around the things they started with and now the people adore them, follow them and want to become like them. They have not restricted their presence at one place and all around the world people follows them. They have the concerts which makes them earn fortune, they have their own brands and the opportunities and money coming to them is endless.

All this in words looks good but behind every celebrity bio is the big struggle and consistent effort which has let them to reach such pinnacle of success. They have never in their life seen back from the riches. The positive and negative were handled beautifully by them. There were critics and there were fans and both were and are equally answered. This earmarks any celebrity. You can read the bio of many at and will find the same similarity between all of them. The charity is one thing that many of them are associated with. This is the things that is winning more hearts of million people around the world.

Bill gates and Warren Buffet are coming together to give up their fortunes for needy people. They are setting examples and many millionaires are joining them on this path. They have enough resources and power to eradicate all the bad from the society. Many have the salary and profit more than the Gross domestic product of many countries. We should be motivated from their life and always try to get the positive out of it. Critics and fans are always there and this is what completes and makes a celebrity the sensation he is currently and will be forever.