Weight Loss Stories Are Not Fairy Tales: They Happen

Weight loss is not something which aliens encounter. If you are trying to lose weight, then be the face of change!

While surfing the internet, I discovered that a lot of websites focus on telling what we should not eat, instead of what should we eat to lose weight.

I read about Kyla itsines Weight loss program, and read the reviews before to register myself.

Websites Telling Real Life Experiences

  • I read about Kyla Itsines, and then scrolled further for reviews. While reading about her weight loss program, I read articles on com.
  • This is the story of an Italian woman, who has successfully lost weight after following Kyla Itsines weight loss program.
  • I felt really motivated, after coaxing and cajoling myself, decided to download the app and log in.


 My Journey with Kyla Itsines Weight Loss APP

  1. The app is free for seven days, and there is a fee for membership after the end of seven day free trial
  2. The work out mapped for twelve weeks and there is a pre work out training for four weeks
  3. There are new exercises every day, to ensure that monotony does not take away the motivation of losing weight
  4. As I mentioned before, and as mentioned at mirlasabino.com, it is not about what you do not eat, it is about what you eat that helps you in weight loss. This is what Kyla’s app is all about
  5. Thirty minutes every day towards a cause so big! Yes, that is what Kyla Itsines workout program expects you to do. Devote thirty minutes every day, for twelve weeks!

The membership fee might not strike the right cord, however once you start working out; you will feel happy about the program.

Be ready with equipment like skipping rope and dumbbells, and start training with Kyla Itsines.

Best of luck! Hope you get your bikini body soon.